• Knee pain moxibustion Knee pain moxibustion

    The conditioning regimen: Moxibustion Dazhui, Shenshu, Shenque, Xiyangguan, inside and outside the eye of the knee with moxibustion, cupping, massage the knee joint. When the time felt greatly alleviated, symptoms disappeared after a week, will pay attention to the cold shelter, overwork. Patients with knee joint early old injury. In recent days blowing air lead to knee joint ache is aggravating, moxibustion at Dazhui (GV 14), Shenshu can hearten Yang, strong bones and muscles, Shenque, Xiyangguan can be warm in the cold dispelling the knee, and eye of the knee knee arthralgia points, cupping massage can be scattered silt Quhan, and tendons, activating meridians to stop pain.

  • Leg swelling moxibustion conditioning Leg swelling moxibustion conditioning

    The conditioning regimen: acupoints: Zhongwan, Guanyuan, uterus, Baliao, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, with leg meridian dredging. Key to clear the spleen and stomach, gallbladder meridian, urinary bladder meridian. (two times a week) lumbar abdomen acupuncture point moxibustion for 30 minutes, 15 minutes on the limbs. Leg swelling disappeared, has been suspended for six months to return to normal.

  • Abdominal discomfort moxibustion conditioning Abdominal discomfort moxibustion conditioning

    Conditioning regimen: during school hours often stay up all night and eat drink, after physical decline, afraid of the cold, my mouth pain, abdominal distension and regurgitation. Warm the stomach and spleen, liver qi and dampness. Zhongwan, Shenque, hanging bell, each time finished feeling weak and increased exhaust, two future consciously abdominal easily, the second push abdomen and moxibustion gaohuang treated with acid reflux, three times after the customer has consciously fever for three days, the amount of normal body temperature, increased appetite.

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